Duramin-3000 – Single Task Brinell Tester

Robust and dependable Brinell hardness testing

Duramin-3000 – Single Task Brinell Tester

  • Dedicated Brinell tester
  • Wide load range 62.5-3,000 kgf
  • Robust load cell-based Brinell tester
  • Handheld zoom camera for automatic indent evaluation
  • Embedded PC, operated by mouse or touchscreen
  • Includes measurement templates, statistics, and reporting functions

Duramin-3000 is a single task Brinell tester. It is a basic, low cost model, but tough enough to withstand the production environment. The machine is designed to handle different sample sizes and shapes. The indent evaluation is carried out with a handheld camera.


Durable design

Developed to meet the harsh challenges of the production environment, the Duramin-3000 is built to last, combining a heavy frame and a robust display.

Simple dedication

The Duramin-3000 is a dedicated solution, designed specifically for Brinell measurements. This minimizes the risk of operator errors and makes adjustments and services easier.


The robust display unit boasts a touchscreen and a simple user interface. Hardness evaluation is carried out by a handheld camera which automatically evaluates and displays the hardness value.

Used in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education & Research


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    Built for strength

    Duramin-3000 has a robust design and uses thick metal plates that are ideal for a rough production environment.

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    Clamping flexibility

    A wide selection of anvils and clamping devices makes the machine easily adaptable to handle many different sample geometries.

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    G-NG function

    Hardness values are displayed in either green or red, depending on whether they are inside or outside the specified hardness limit.

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    Built-in statistics

    Duramin-3000 displays basic statistics in the main screen, which can be included in the test report.

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    Data exporting

    Measurement data can be exported and saved.

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    Accessible testing

    Test reports and measurement data can easily be generated and exported.

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    Accurate technology

    Duramin-3000 is based on load cell technology, which secures the accurate and repeatable application of test loads.



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  • Technical data
  • Model Types


    Duramin 3000 Hardness tester for Brinell hardness testing With a built-in PC and indent evaluation via a hand-held digital camera Test height of 0-190 mm, with a throat depth 220 mm Test load range of 612.9 – 29,400 N (62.5 – 3,000 kgf)


    Technical Data


    Technical Data (Duramin 3000)


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