Duramin-170 – High Capacity Rockwell Tester

High capacity Rockwell hardness tester, for large samples or high volume testing

Duramin-170 – High Capacity Rockwell Tester

  • Load range between 1.0-250 kgf
  • Dedicated Rockwell tester
  • Suitable for fully automatic Rockwell testing; Jominy testing and Rockwell testing of large samples, for example
  • Advanced Rockwell tester
  • Motorized test head
  • Motorized XY-stage
  • Anti-collision system
  • Embedded PC, operated by mouse or touchscreen

This is a high capacity Rockwell tester, with a motorized test head and an optional motorized XY-stage. Duramin-170 is particularly suitable for Rockwell testing of large or tall samples or for fully automatic Jominy testing.


Increase capacity

The motorized test head enables easy testing of large and tall samples. The automatic XY-stage eases high volume testing.

Consistency and accuracy

Advanced load cell technology ensures that the Duramin-170 not only conforms to all standards but offers the highest possible degree of accuracy and repeatability throughout the entire load range.

Ideal for Jominy testing

Duramin-170 is suitable for automatic Jominy testing, due to the motorized XY-table and dedicated sample holders.

Used in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education & Research


  • Duramin 170 Stable test height

    Stable test height

    The motorized test head, or V-concept, ensures rigid and stable testing conditions without compromising the testing height capacity. It eliminates spindle effect, and the sample is always at the same height above the floor. This means accurate and reproducible results, regardless of the sample size, as well as improved working comfort.

  • Duramin 170 Motorised XY table

    Motorized XY-table

    The fully automatic motorized XY-table allows for Rockwell automatic testing of multiple test points and series.

  • Duramin 170 Test point editing available

    Test point editing available

    A built-in test point editor is optionally available, and suitable for defining and setting up measurement lines for fully automatic testing; for Jominy testing, for example.

  • Duramin 170 Jominy testing

    Jominy Testing

    There is a dedicated Jominy software module and a manually adjustable Jominy holder available.

  • Duramin 170 Collision avoidance

    Collision avoidance

    Duramin-170 automatically stops operation in the event of a collision or any unexpected vibration or movement. This prevents indenters from being damaged and provides optimal operator safety.

  • Duramin 170 Variety of clamping options

    Variety of clamping options

    There are many different sample holders and clamping devices are available for the Duramin-170, suitable for both regular and irregular work piece geometries.

  • Duramin 170 Simplified data

    Simplified data

    Measurement data can be exported in various formats.

  • Duramin 170 Load cell based

    Load cell precision

    Duramin-170 is based on load cell technology, meaning the accurate and repeatable application of test loads.



  • Model Types
  • Technical data
  • Model Types

    All models in the Duramin-170 range come with a motorized test head and fully automatic test cycle. Maximum sample height is 300 mm, with a throat depth of 220 mm


    Duramin 170 The Rockwell hardness tester is based on load cell technology. With a fixed test anvil of Ø80 mm Test load range: 9.8 – 2,450 N (1.0-250 kgf)
    Variants 1.0 kgf – 250 kgf
    Fixed test anvil Duramin-170
    Automatic XY-stage Duramin-170 A

    Duramin-170 A

    Duramin 170 A The Rockwell hardness tester is based on load cell technology. With motorized XY-stage (size 307 x 207 mm, stroke 170 x 120 mm) for fully automatic series measurement Test load range: 9.8 – 2,450 N (1.0-250 kgf)


    Technical Data


    Technical Data (Duramin 170)


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