Fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation in the field.

MoviPol-5 facts

  • Automatic polishing and etching
  • Method Database
  • Electrolyte cartridge system
  • Peristaltic pump for work in any position
  • Safety features

MoviPol-5 is a portable and robust electrolytic polishing and etching machine for fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation anywhere. It comes with a battery pack that ensures up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted operation.

MoviPol-5 can be used directly on critical surfaces and is widely used for metal safety inspection, especially for critical parts of larger units, e.g. welds on pipelines and other joints on large structures. The method effectively reveals changes in the microstructure of the metal and allows preventing possible damage because of cracks and leaks.


Ultrafast results

In less than one minute, a surface is obtained which is ready for analysis, either on-site or by means of a replica for laboratory examination.


Electrolytic polishing makes only an insignificant mark on the material being prepared for inspection.

Complete Freedom

MoviPol-5 is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack ensuring up to 1.5 hours of uninterrupted battery operation, making it ideal for field work.

Used in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education & Research


  • MoviPol automatic polishing and etching

    Automatic polishing and etching

    Activating the polishing pistol starts an electrolytic reaction. After completion of the polishing step, MoviPol-5 automatically proceeds to the etching process.

  • MoviPol built-in process light

    Built-in process light

    Frequently, electropolishing is carried out in poorly lit environments. The built-in LED light ensures optimum visual control of the polishing/etching process.

  • MoviPol Method Database

    Method Database

    MoviPol comes with a method database for common materials. The operator can use the pre-defined methods or update them to their own requirements. The database ensures uniform results and repeatability. Totally, up to 20 methods can be stored in the database.

  • MoviPol electrolyte cartridge system

    Electrolyte cartridge system

    A new feature of MoviPol-5 is the introduction of exchangeable electrolyte cartridges. Rather than refilling the container, the entire cartridge is replaced in a quick and clean process. The refilling process can be done in a controlled laboratory environment, thus reducing the time wasted when operating in the field.

  • MoviPol peristaltic pump for work in any position

    Peristaltic pump for work in any position

    Movipol-5’s peristaltic pump enables the polishing pistol to function perfectly on any surface that requires it to operate horizontally or inverted.

  • MoviPol fast battery and electrolyte replacement

    Fast battery and electrolyte replacement

    For extended hours in the field, both battery pack and electrolyte cartridge can be replaced in seconds.

  • MoviPol safety features

    Safety features

    A non-return valve ensures that the electrolyte only flows during operation. A tilt-sensor warns the operator if the Movipol-5 is tilted more than 45 degrees, thus removing the risk of spilling electrolyte. MoviPol-5 is made in compliance with the international safety standard EN60204.



  • Model types
  • Technical Data

    MoviPol fast and efficient, non-destructive metallographic preparation in the field. MoviPol-5
    Portable electrolytic polishing and etching apparatus. Battery or mains operation, 30V or 100-240V / 50-60 Hz. Complete with electrolyte cartridge, external magnetic anode, shoulder strap, rechargeable battery pack, and battery charger. Including 10 pcs polishing chambers.


    Technical Data


    MoviPol Technical Data Sheet


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