Automatic Target Preparation for Both Visible and Hidden Targets

TargetSystem facts

  • Drastically reduced preparation time
  • No dependency on operator skills
  • Full reproducibility
  • No need for costly abrasive films

TargetSystem is designed for target preparation of microelectronic components and delayering. It is the first failure analysis tool permitting real-time alignment and measurement of both visible and hidden targets, such as microvias and BGAs. System precision is an exceptional +/- 5.0 µm.



Short Preparation Times

An intelligent preparation system (IPS) automatically adapts the removal time and rate according to actual specimen properties and the grinding/polishing surface. This means fewer measurements and preparation times, down to less than 30 minutes.


Automated processes make TargetSystem independent of operator skills, ensuring reproducibility regardless of the operator.

Low Operating Costs

TargetSystem can be used with any SiC paper, or any other consumable, and does not need costly abrasive films.

Used in these industries:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Manufacturing
  • Education & Research


  • TargetSystem TargetMaster


    The heart of the TargetSystem is the TargetMaster, a 200 mm micropolisher with a closed polishing chamber to safeguard both preparation quality and the operator. Removal at the initial preparation step(s) is controlled by an electronic measuring system, for a rapid approach to the target. A second, in-line laser measuring system handles the demanding polishing steps.

  • TargetSystem Target Z


    TargetZ is used for aligning and measuring specimens with visible (external) targets. With a powerful vision system of up to 680x magnification and its 15" TFT monitor, TargetZ makes it a simple task to map and align minute targets.

  • TargetSystem TargetX

    TargetX is for hidden (internal) targets, and comprises a set-up station and a console. The set-up station is placed in the users x-ray (not included) and is operated from the external console, permitting real-time alignment and measuring.

  • TargetSystem TargetDoser


    TargetDoser is an automatic dosing station, providing preparation methods and process liquids to TargetMaster. TargetDoser comes with seven pumps and ten pre-programmed methods, and accommodates 200 user-defined methods.

  • TargetSystem TargetGrip


    TargetGrip is a tiltable specimen holder, dedicated to TargetMaster. It accommodates mounted samples up to 40 mm in diameter. Adapters are provided for larger specimens (TARIN), cross-sectioning (TARSC) and parallel polishing (TARPA), as well as a 40 mm to 25 mm adapter (TARAD), which serves as a SEM mount, as well.



  • Model types
  • Technical Data

Model types


TargetMaster - automatic target preparation TargetMaster
200 mm micropolisher for automatic target preparation. Tiltable holder for 30 mm specimens and 200 mm MD-Disk included.

The dosing system is ordered separately.


Technical Data


TargetSystem Technical Data Sheet


Struers Technical Data Sheets are designed to help you make the best choice of equipment for your particular purpose. You can find important information such as capacity and performance specifications, dimensions, weight, electrical data, noise levels, ambient conditions, and safety. In many cases you can also obtain an overview of accessories offering higher capacity and performance.


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