Mounting Consumables

Mounting Consumables

Wide variety of resins for both hot- and cold-mounting purposes

Struers Mounting Consumables

  • A resin for every need
  • Easy dosing
  • Specimen integrity

Hot Mounting Consumables

Hot mounting employs thermoplastic and thermosetting resins. You can choose between seven different resins, depending on your particular needs.

You can choose thermoplastic resins that give you a clear view of the specimen, or enable electrolytic polishing with or without conductivity. Alternatively, there are thermoplastic epoxy and melamine resins with a high content of mineral and glass filler, a conductive Bakelite resin with carbon filler, in different colours, or in different tablet sizes.

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Cold Mounting Consumables

Cold mounting resins include epoxy and acrylic resins as well as a consumable kit containing 100 dispensing tubes and a protecting chamber for easy maintenance of the vacuum chamber.

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