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Company name : Testing Instrument co., Ltd.
Address : 107, 109 Chan Kao Road, Chongnonsee, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Telephone : 02-2873777-80, 02-2862112-3, 02-2861980-1
Facimile : 02-2872764
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Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. is incorporated in Thailand since 1987
in the business of providing and supplying materials testing machines for metal,
rubber, plastics & electronic industries. We strive to be the leading name
in the supply of testing machines and systems to the industry and education institution.
We count on our suppliers and principals as an integral part of our success and efficient organization.
Since 1997 we have started a Membership Club to have a fast & efficient distribution of media to all members, which is free to all customers and without subscription fee.

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